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Zoo School

The school for protection of species and animal protection in Landau, briefly called Zoo School Landau, offers special lessons for school and kindergarden classes. Instead of just guiding classes one by one through the zoo we offer instruction in small groups. In these groups children get to know previously chosen species. We apply important learning principles such as using all five senses, making the process of learning an exciting experience, and learning by doing during our instructions. If possible, we give children the chance to get close to the animals. For example, if carnivores are the chosen topic for a Zoo Schoool lesson the children can have a close look at a ferret and they are allowed to pet it. In the curiculur unit "Keeping a dog and caring for it" the children can cuddle and brush our child-friendly half-breed dog Leo.

Our curiculum includes 20 units from which teachers and students can choose. The Zoo School Landau also offers specially designed events for senior citizens or challenged persons, organizes childrens' birthday parties, and arranges animalbound workshops and Zoo Safaris. A new project called "Foreign language learning in Landau Zoo" makes the zoo an interesting destination for those who are not necessarily on biology class excursions. Zoo School lessons and birthday parties take place during all seasons. If you would like to book a session please call during office hours Monday - Friday, phone number 06341-898229. For further information please take a look at the Zoo School website at

In 2005 we completed the construction of a new building for the Zoo School. We now have two differently arranged classrooms. One is a technically well-equipped seminar room while the other is a nature-oriented classroom. The new Landau Zoo School is a several times awarded modern environmental education center and as such is not only used for Zoo School lessons but also for extra events such as education sessions, lectures, seminars, and symposia for nature conservation and environmental protection issues.